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We are a full service staffing firm that provides direct hire and contract recruiting resources. 


Resume / LinkedIn Profile Services

Mike brings 15+ years of experience writing professional resumes and LinkedIn profiles.  Clients range from C-level Executives to new college graduates, across all industries.


1on1 Job Search Coaching

Mike brings extensive coaching expertise advising clients at all levels, on how to start (or jump start), their job search.

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About Maetz Consulting

Who is Maetz Consulting?  We are not shy about sharing who we are, what we do, and why you should consider us!

What's coming up??

I'm leading a 3-hour LinkedIn deep dive training on Tues, Dec 10th 2019 at St. Ann's Career Quest Job Networking meeting in Marietta, GA.  It's FREE and no need to RSVP.  

Client Testimonials

Want to read what some of our clients are saying about us?  (It's all good!)

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Check out all the perm and contract jobs that we are actively recruiting for nationwide. See anything of interest?  Apply on our site!    

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Are you looking for some great advice that will energize your job search and give you some creative strategies that will get you over the hump?   Check out our blog!

Mike's Webcast Interview

Interested in hearing directly from Mike on some of his creative approaches to a job search?  Check out this recent webcast interview!

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Mike Maetz Webcast Interview

Mike interviewed by Deb Krier during her Career Planning Series

Client Testimonials

"Our company was not thrilled with the external recruiting company we were using so we went to the internet…. which led us to Mike with Maetz Consulting, LLC.  On the first day of advising our needs Mike and his team hit the ground running.  Within three weeks of reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates that Mike's team sent over to us, we filled two positions in two very difficult areas of New York, that neither the other company nor our internal sourcing team could fill.  HUGE thanks to Maetz Consulting, LLC.  They are a pleasure to work with and certainly very successful in adhering to our staffing needs."  

Kristina. G - New Jersey

"I met Mike during a challenging time in my career. From the very first conversation, I felt comfortable with his personality and approach. The information he provided was enlightening and on target. Through the whole process, I was impressed with his knowledge and ability to maneuver though the job market. He helped me find (not just a new position) a new position I enjoy and where my experience and talents are a fit. I wish Mike all the success this world has to offer and will recommend him every opportunity I come across. "

S. Beasley - Birmingham, AL

"Mike is a great person to work with. My resume needed real work and update and Mike did an amazing job. I highly recommend using his professionalism services. Thank you again MIKE!! "

R. Shami - San Antonio, TX

"Mike did a fantastic job working with me to build a resume, after not having one in well over a decade. He started with a phone interview, pulling the stories out of me, then worked up the first draft. After a few edits and revisions back and forth, the final product was wonderful. He is professional, easy to work with, great communication... would recommend him when you're looking to revamp or create a resume from scratch as I did "

S. Bailor - Atlanta, GA

"Mike was quick to respond to my request for help with my resume and career search. It was an overall great experience. Mike made the process easy and not overwhelming and answered all of my questions with patience and detail. His friendly demeanor made working with Mike a pleasure. Thank you Mike! "

L. Jira -  Canton, GA

"Mike is not only very knowledgeable with creating resumes, the interview process, and the current job market, but he also genuinely cares about you and wants to do the very best for you.  I recently decided to make a career change, which I never thought would happen, and I was so nervous to dive in to anything new.  I contacted Mike and asked if he would please look at my outdated resume and share some expertise on how to spruce it up.  He was very efficient and responded quickly with encouraging words.  He reassured me that I would certainly find what I was looking for and he would guide me along the way.  He prepped me for the interview process and made me feel very confident about entering this new chapter of my life.  After meeting with Mike and receiving several follow-up calls, I had an excellent interview and was offered a position, on the spot. I was ecstatic and incredibly thankful for everything Mike did to make me feel confident and comfortable.  I thoroughly enjoy the company I work for – it is a perfect match – thanks to Mike!  He has also followed up with me several times to make sure I am doing well and enjoying my new job.  I highly recommend Mike if you are looking for someone with outstanding expertise and who truly cares for you and your best interests."

G. Baker - Marietta, GA  

"I have been associated with Mike for only three short months. During this time, Mike has helped me out tremendously. Mike placed an offer on Linked In to review resumes free of charge. Due to a mill wide shutdown, I was in the job market. Although I had been getting hits on my resume, the level of responses was a bit less than I had hoped for. I felt my resume needed some polishing. I decided to take Mike up on his offer and see if he had any suggestions for me. I contacted Mike and we started our journey together.
About a week later, Mike and I talked about my resume. He had many good suggestions and gave me some great advice. I made the changes he recommended and they really did the trick. Since those changes I received on average 2 phone interviews per week and 1 face to face interview per week. The resume changes Mike suggested really helped me get in the door with a great first impression. Mike knows what he’s talking about, had excellent recommendations on improving my resume, and was very supportive and willing to help in any way. In the future, should I need any help with my resume, Mike will be one person I will reach out to again. Mike reached out and was very willing to help others out in the job search endeavors. "

A. Watts - Atlanta, GA

"Mike Maetz is amazing! His insight and knowledge as a Sr. Recruiter can help you get focused and back on your feet. He is a wealth of knowledge and will teach you and guide you on interview prepping, strategize and connect you with others in your field or someone that can help you along the way. I highly recommend reaching out to him. He's been a great help to me."

C. Hernandez - Atlanta, GA


"Mike was helpful in anyway that he could be.  He left a message first regarding a possible job and followed it up with an email with more detail.  He was available both night and day, despite the fact that he has a family and I was actually able to talk to him while he was at sporting events with his kids.  He prepared me for what to expect during interviews and what questions that I might want to ask.  I would highly recommend Mike and his company again.  I felt completely at ease talking to him and at the same time felt like I was talking to an old friend.  I have Mike Maetz to thank for the opportunity I have been given and want to extend a huge thank you to him as well."    

Laurie B. - Upstate New York 

"Mike is an outstanding person who does an excellent job helping others. I found myself unexpectedly looking for a job after 26 years. Mike provided me great comfort and knowledge in helping get back into the job market. A lot had changed in 26 years! Mike prepped me for interviews, helped me update my resume, assisted me with my new Linkedin profile, and threw me a life preserver at a very challenging time in my life. I would highly recommend Mike if you are looking for someone with superior skills and really cares about the people he works with."

M. Tamucci - Marietta, GA

"I personally got a chance to see Mike in action the other day. It was like witnessing Beethoven conducting a symphony! I was meeting with a job seeker that I was setting up an interview for and Mike asked if he could chime in with a little job coaching for this gentleman. In about ten seconds, he rattled off three “simple” tricks that left us both with our jaws hitting the floor. I actually started taking notes, and I’m supposed to be a pro! Here’s my advice, If you need a job, call Mike for coaching. If you think that one day you might have to look for a job, see Mike for coaching. You will learn more in two hours about how to dominate with the tools of the day than you will in two years of doing it yourself. The guy is as good as they get and a decent human to boot. "

D. Jourdan - Atlanta, GA

"I reached out to Mike for help with my job search. It has been over a decade since I have searched for a new opportunity, and in that time, everything has changed. I was overwhelmed and discouraged with my search and Mike helped me understand the changes and gave me tools and advice to help me navigate through my search.  Mike went above and beyond helping me. He worked very closely with me and followed up to make certain I was still on track with reaching my goals. The advice he gave me is not just for current job seekers, but also for people who may one day be looking.   Everything is about networking today, so even if you are not looking for a new opportunity, I would still highly recommend spending at least one hour talking with Mike about how to effectively network, build relationships with key individuals, and secure your future by being proactive.   I highly recommend Mike. He understands the difficulties and challenges of searching for new opportunities through his own personal struggles. It was refreshing to hear his story and know that I am not alone. His expertise in networking and job search techniques comes from firsthand experience and the lessons he learned will educate and empower you with your search. Mike will teach you lifelong skills that will open new doors and secure your future in an unpredictable job market."

Rebecca C. - Atlanta, GA

"I was introduced to Mike, by one of my peers, over two years ago after departing a long time position with a major IT corporation. One of the best blind introductions I could have hoped for.  I had not had the need to job search in over twenty years.  That didn't matter to Mike, he dug in and assisted me in the resurrection of my resume,  provided job interview tips, hints, do's and don'ts, helped me establish goals for my search, helped me identify target companies, and he was simply "there" with advice and counsel when needed to allow me to get over the hump and quickly rejoin the gainfully employed population.  I continue to utilize the resume Mike crafted and regularly receive kudos on its organization and structure, by those reviewing it.  Mike's commitment and responsiveness to me as a job seeker was  fantastic and I consider him and his service a key part of my professional network today."  

Jeff. K - Atlanta, GA

"Mike is an Amazing coach! He played a key role in helping me land the job of my dreams. I followed his instructions to the tee, enabling me to link with very influential people who helped me break into the IT field. I am so very happy we were able to cross paths and will never forget the role he played in helping me to get where I am today!"  

M. Collins - Atlanta, GA

"Mike updated my resume and applied his considerable skills to the final result. Within a few days of applying for positions with my new resume, I received a much higher level of responses. One position I had previously applied to several times with no response immediately emailed me back questions and had an interest in me. Mike was very professional and timely bringing a needed perspective and talent to assist me. I highly recommend him. Thanks, Mike!"

T. Henry - Atlanta, GA

"I met Mike 3 years ago at C3G, a Northpoint Community Church career transition program. That should tell you something about Mike right there. Since then, my relationship with Mike has spanned from trusted career coach, to a recruiter for one of my sales engineer openings and back to trusted career coach. Mike is my go to for career guidance as he has a very level head, thinks through things, keeps my well being at the fore front and is he very well connected. Be it ARRIS, NETSCOUT, Dimension Data or any of my network friends, I strongly recommend Mike for your career assistance needs. He is a man of character and consistency – and has become a friend that I intend to stay very connected to. "

C. Behan - Atlanta, GA

"Mike is truly an all inclusive career professional, not only did he help me get my resume done, he also solicited great career advise that is paying off in the long run. I would 100% recommend Mike and his services to anyone in need of them. " 

C. Hamilton - Atlanta, GA

"I highly recommend Mike Maetz to anyone going through a career transition. He reformatted my resume and LinkedIn page into much cleaner versions. He also provided great insight and tips for my career search. Mike is passionate, super knowledgeable and easy to work with.

J. Silver - Atlanta, GA

"Mike is an awesome resource! From helping me get organized to crafting an updated resume and juicing up my LinkedIn page, Mike made the process seem easy. He is thoughtful, personable and responsive and I highly recommend him. " 

T.  Dupuis - Atlanta, GA

"As a struggling young professional trying to find my career, Mike has helped me out so much! He made my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn look SO much more sharper, professional, and eye-catching. I already have a big interview coming up because I was told my resume was very impressive! Thanks Mike! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to revamp their resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn!"  

H. Green - Lynchburg, VA

"I highly recommend Mike Maetz to anyone going through a career transition. Mike recently helped me and I am certain that had I not worked with Mike, I would not have found a new position in 5 weeks time. He was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, responsive and coached me throughout the process with tips I would have never thought of myself. The first step was reformatting my resume into a much cleaner format, I receicved several compliments from employers I interviewed with. He also helped me clean up my LinkedIn page. His recommendations were flawless on reaching out to my network, developing criteria that was important to me in my next role, formulating a “hit list” of top employers/jobs I was interested in, how to work with recruiters, interviewing tips, etc. Mike was never intrusive, but often reached out to see how I was doing or how he could help. He is a passionate individual that has definitely found his calling and I would definitely work with him again in the future. I will recommend him to anyone I know going through a transition. 

Thank you Mike!"  

M. Hayes - Nashville, TN

"Mike OVER delivers. 

• He knows LinkedIn inside and out.
• He gives you actionable strategies.
• He takes the time to understand you. 

You want Mike in your corner. 

Thanks, Mike for being in mine."  

R. Roseman - Atlanta, GA

"Mike's coaching immediately helped me have meaningful conversations with more company leaders then just sending out a gazillion resumes. His "out of the box" coaching methods have given me more traction in the interview process than I've had in with sending out hundreds resumes of resumes via traditional recruiting websites like glassdoor, zip recruiter and monster. I thought I had a great resume. His editing of my resume has given me even more confidence to send it out and his methods are helping me get it in the right hands. It was after speaking with him that I created a LinkedIn account and have been using it to leverage connections to make a career change. I'm thankful to be working with him and I know you will be too. "  

T. Newcomb - Virginia Beach, VA

"Mike was insightful, direct and easy to work with. He quickly grasped my situation and was especially efficient. I recommend Mike as both a coach and resume writer to get the right results fast."  

M. Dumais  - Miami, FL

 "I contacted Mike when I saw his post about the importance of a well written resume and professional profile on LinkedIn. It was time for me to update mine as it had been awhile. He responded right away and gave me excellent feedback. He worked closely with me, and over a weekend, to re-format my resume so that it is easily readable and properly highlighted my accomplishments. He is professional, highly knowledgeable, caring and always went the extra mile! I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to update their resume and business presence online."  

S. Suchtell - Miami, FL 

Some of our happy clients.....
Some of our happy clients.....

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About Maetz Consulting

Allow me to share a bit about myself.......My name is Mike Maetz, and I'm the Owner of Maetz Consulting, LLC and our core business is PERM and CONTRACT staffing services. I help companies to identify and qualify top talent for their hiring needs while simultaneously working very closely with job seekers at all levels (executives to new college grads). I love helping people find their perfect job......I love the strategy of trying to help get someone's foot in the door, to help job seekers creatively brainstorm on best practices and new ways to be found and reach the decision maker. Finding your ideal job in a tough and ever-changing economy is not easy, but I’m here to help.

Are you in HR or in a management role and looking for a dedicated outside recruiting resource to help find quality talent for your PERM or CONTRACT staffing needs? If so – I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and how I can help! I can be reached on my cell at 678-646-7936 or at mike@maetzco.com

Specialties include:
Direct Hire Recruiting
Contract Recruiting
1on1 Job Search Coaching
Networking Coaching
LinkedIn Training
LinkedIn Profiles
Resume Writing 


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